Writing a good blog bio

You lead with this because it is your most important stuff, the reason your blog exists. Tips for Writing a Great Bio There are many formats you can use to write a great bio, but there are some universal elements you can use to make it more effective.

Include only what is relevant.

How To Write A Good Bio

On the other hand, if you have a bad and long bio they are certain never to want to learn anything about you. Are you inspired by your wife and small child. AppJet founder Aaron Iba's about me page is the scanned psychological evaluation of his 7-year-old self.

The whole self is the treasure in the cave guarded by the fearsome dragon, the pearl beyond price, the Kingdom.

How to Write a Stellar Writer’s Bio

Whether my protags are feminine depends on defining nature from culture. Stats show that about pages are often one of the top three pages visited on a blog. He learned to drink whisky from his childhood friend Zippo, when they went to school together at Mount Temple Comprehensive School.

Even the experts disagree on this one. Consider using phrases such as: Get personal and hire a stand-up comedian to write your bio That last little tidbit of the bio — usually where a funny quip or a more personal fact goes — often trips us up the most.

Assume with each word in your bio that fewer and fewer people will keep reading. Bono is the lead singer for the rock band U2. A character bio, plus space for a link and your location. Quite frankly, I think someone could make a go of a magazine like that.

For most marketing materials a short and long version are needed.

How to Write a Professional Bio For Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook & Google+

Doing it in characters or less is even harder. You may also want to consider joining a writers guild or a writers union.

How To Write A Good Bio

Remember, the purpose of your about page is to attract the people who want to build a relationship of some sort with you. I believe every blogger should have a clearly written bio for a number of reasons. It provides potential readers with a clear indication of what you and your material is about.

Its good for SEO. Bio's get translated into site descriptions in. Apr 21,  · No matter what the audience and the tone, there are a few things to remember when you learn how to write a bio for your blog that commands tsfutbol.coms: 1. So, before you start writing your About Page, get clear on what it is that makes your blog useful to your readers and who your blog is intended for.

(Psst I’ve got a free worksheet at the bottom of this post, to help you answer this question). Writing a Good Blog.

How to Write a Good Blogging Bio

Related Book. Creating Family Web Sites For Dummies.

How to Write a Magnetic Blog Bio

By Janine Warner. Blogs, or Web logs, are online journals that are updated frequently, sometimes even daily. An update, (also called an entry or a post) is usually quite short, perhaps just a few sentences, and readers can often respond to an entry online.

Social blog. New? Start Here ⚡️ Six rules to write a foolproof bio “Not that the story need be long, but it will take a long while to make it short.” – Henry David Thoreau. Yes, a bio on social media needs to be brief – and that can be tricky.

If you don't have a great bio, now is the time to write one. Alyssa provides some basic information on bios and tips for writing one that is attention grabbing and professional.

Writing a good blog bio
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Five Minutes to a Better Blog: Make Your Blog Bio Fascinating ⋆ Kyla Roma